“Outliers” is not quite my term, but in this context it refers to projects or topics that don’t belong to any of the other pages. Relevant posts are categorized under outliers.


Apparently I have had a thing for radio controlled boats for almost as long as any of my other hobbies. Currently I have two serviceable RC vessels: a 1:350 RMS Titanic and a 1:125 USS Melvin (DD-680), which I don’t have the chance to sail nearly enough.

World of Warships

Virtual boats are cool too! World of Warships is a computer game where you drive boats and shoot at other boats. This site now has a page listing some of my content.


I consider myself a computer enthusiast, and this site has a list of all the computers I have daily driven since 2004.


I mostly trade in LEGO and computers. Buy something from me!