I have always and will always consider drawing my first hobby – even when I’m not drawing that often. Specifically I think pencil drawing is one of the purest forms of art, one of the most straightforward and elegant means by which to substantiate or record an idea. I mainly draw in the “Japanese” (anime) style because I feel on average it is the most beautiful of contemporary cartooning styles.

Relevant content on this site is categorized under drawing with tags for things like pencil and pen. There is a separate category for digital work.


DeviantART is a free gallery service for, well, art. My gallery contains primarily a selection of pencil drawn and digitally colored artwork I have done since the mid 2000s.

Graphic Novel

In the early days I spent a lot of drawing bandwidth to tell a story, but more recently it has become challenging for me to package a compelling story in a comprehensible format. These recent attempts have unfortunately gotten shorter and shorter and are already somewhat dated: