Wacom Cintiq HD13 DTK1301

Wow, two blog posts in a month, not to mention a year! I meant to write about my Cintiq HD13 many years ago, but I never got around to it because I never used it much – until more recently.

Wacom Cintiq HD13 DTK1301

Back in the early 2000s, when I first started doing digital art, I spent four hundred dollars on a much too large Wacom Intuos3, a fairly basic tablet that didn’t have a screen. I really would have liked a Cintiq, which did have a screen but cost more than twice as much, but I definitely did not do enough digital work to justify such a thing, and ultimately my Intuos served me well for a number of years.

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Digital Drawing 230304

When I started drawing more in pen a long, long time ago, it took a long, long time for it to catch up with pencil. I’d argue my pen work never felt as fluid as my pencil drawings, but it also helped improve my pencil work a lot, albeit in a roundabout way. Furthermore, drawing in pen has other benefits, so in the end I call it a tradeoff.

2018 anthology in ballpoint pen
2019 anthology in fountain pen
2020 anthology in pencil
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